Mobile Solutions

Mobility Meets Modern Green Design

Mobility with the NextGen
Modular Tray System

Transform any space with the NextGen Room Divider, a green Wall MobileSolution. This dynamic and portable green wall infuses life and vitality into various environments without having to make it a permanent installation. This innovative movable Living Wall system is ideal for those looking to incorporate a touch of biophilia into temporary venues or special events or to add versatility to interior design schemes. The NextGen Mobile Solution is designed for effortless relocation, offering the flexibility to bring the lush nature of green walls to any setting.

NextGen Room Divider

Discover the simplicity and beauty of our NextGen Mobile Living Wall Solution. Designed to integrate seamlessly into any space without the need for pumps, extra water reservoirs, WiFi, or electrical outlets, this room divider system offers ultimate convenience and flexibility. Enjoy lush, vibrant greenery that spans the full height of the divider, creating a natural and inviting barrier or focal point in any room. Our dividers are available in both double-sided and single-sided configurations, allowing you to choose the perfect style for your space. Additionally, we offer two different sizes to fit your specific needs: 55 x 175 x 57 cm (21.7 x 68.9 x 22.4 Inches) and 104 x 175 x 57 cm (40.9 x 68.9 x 22.4 Inches (Length x Height x Deep). Simply place it where it's needed and enjoy the transformation.