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NextGen Modular Tray System: 

The Premier Choice for Indoor Living Walls

Discover the ultimate solution in indoor greenery with our NextGen Modular Tray System. Recognized as the industry top choice for design flexibility, easy installation, and low maintenance, this system is perfectly suited to enhance any interior space.

Customizable to Fit Any Space

Our modules trays come in a range of sizes, ensuring a tailor-made fir for any space. Whether you’re enhancing a cozy corner or a vast area, the NextGen system adjusts effortlessly. Unique features such as 90-degree outside corners blend smoothy, eliminating the need for extra framing- a common issue with other systems. Moreover, our trays offer unparalleled flexibility, easily adapting to wrap around columns, fit beside doors and windows, or conform to curved walls. Explore the endless possibilities with our versatile system.

Water-Efficient and Low-Maintenance

The NextGen Living Wall is designed with water efficiency in mind, requiring watering only every 3 to 4 weeks. This not only conserves water but also promotes healthier plant growth and enhances sustainability. Additionally, the system is designed to minimize mess and eliminate the need for frequent reporting. Thanks to the use of individually potted plants, adding seasonal colors or replacing plants becomes both cost-effective and effortless. Enjoy vibrant aesthetics with minimal upkeep.


We boast a vast network of certified providers ready to supply the ideal plants for your specific project, ensuring your living wall remains sustainable and vibrant long-term. Our experts are dedicated to finding the best matches that not only thrive in your environment but also enhance your space aesthetically.
The NextGen living wall system is designed for versatility, supporting both soil and hydroculture plants.

Easy Install

NextGen Living Walls are among the simplest vertical green systems on the market. Your NextGen Living Wall will be installed and completed by a certified professional contractor in just a few steps, allowing you to effortlessly transform your space with minimal disruption.

Irrigation System

Next Living Walls are designed for efficient water flow from top to bottom, with manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic options available. The system typically operates on a 3 to 4-week watering cycle.

Small-Sized Walls: Manual watering is simple and effective for smaller installations.

Medium-Sized Walls: Pressurized Water machines provide ample volume and pressure, ensuring quick and easy watering via the appropriate fitting.
Large-Sized Walls: Large installations can be equipped with either a direct feed-to-drain system or a recirculation pump and tank setup. Both options can be operated manually or fully automated to suite your needs.

Lighting System

Most interior living walls require supplemental lighting. We offer lighting solutions that ensure your wall receives sufficient light for long-term sustainability. Additionally, enhancing your wall with the right lighting can significantly improve its aesthetics.

Act Now: Start with Lighting in Mind.
Considering lighting at the start of your design process is crucial to avoid unexpected costs later. Contact us today to explore our lighting options.