NextGen Living Walls for Architects

NextGen Living Walls is a very flexible vertical system and within reach of most property- business and even home owners. The product is made out of PE and ABS plastic. Product images and CAD drawings are available. If you register yourselves as an Architect on the login page, you will have access to all important content and images. NextGen Living Walls can be installed without complicated specific install requirements but it is very useful if with the design of a building or new environment, details can be discussed and designed.

NextGen Living Walls for Designers

NextGen Living Walls offers many products to customize your vertical green wall at the best. There’s a free digital tool available to help designing your wall. Plant images for detailed texture and coverage. LED light to showcase your design in an impressive way and keep the plants in the best condition. If you register yourselves as a Designer on the login page, you will have access to images, brochures and the design tool.