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NextGen Living Walls

Architectural Supplements, in collaboration with Nature's Green BV, proudly offers the water-efficient and user-friendly NextGen Living Wall systems. Committed to biophilic design, we provide the most attractive and cost-effective green wall solutions. Manufactured in-house, our systems are supported by a global network of NextGen Experts, assisting you from design to installation and maintenance." you every step of the way.
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Our solutions

Indoor Solution

Designed for sustainability and ease, our innovative living wall solution redefines indoor greenery by addressing common challenges associated with traditional green wall. Our system boasts exceptional water efficiency and promotes robust plant health.
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Exterior Solution

We also offer an exterior living wall solution that extends vibrant greenery to outdoor spaces, combining sustainability with visual appeal.
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Mobile Solution

Our NextGen Room Divider enhances privacy, optimizes floor space, and offers health, wellness, and design benefits through the integration of live plants.
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Our Work

How We Can Help

Architects and Designers

Planning  a green wall? Our team is ready to help you find the perfect solution and determine your project’s feasibility.
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General contractors

Looking for a contractor to install a living wall? With over 1,200 installation and maintenance partners worldwide, we can connect you with a provider nearly anywhere. 
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Developers and Owners

Planning a successful living wall is key. Let us coordinate with all trades and consultants to ensure a seamless process. 
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