01 July 2021

Dear customer,

We are writing to discuss the current pressures on the global supply chain.  Throughout the pandemic, consumer demand for imported products such as per= sonal protective equipment, clothing and household items has risen to unexp= ected levels. This has partly led to enormously increased transport prices.=  Today we pay up to three times the pre-pandemic rates. Over the past year,=  Nature’s Green has chosen to bear the cost of these increases with the int= ent of protecting our customers from what we hoped would be a temporary spi= ke in freight rates.

Instead, we have seen further upward price pressure. From ships blocking th= e Suez Canal to the recent COVID-19 outbreaks in southern China, there seem= s to be no supply chain relief on the near horizon. Unfortunately, it looks=  like the return to normalcy will take longer than we initially had hoped.

All of this has led to an exceptional increase in our Cost of Goods Sold. T= o compensate for this increase, Nature’s Green is forced to introduce a tem= porary price increase of 4% for its NextGen Living Walls and BioMontage col= lection. We believe this surcharge will be temporary as the supply chain sm= ooths out and will be decreased and or eliminated once we see a return to n= ormalcy.

The increase will be applied to all orders entered starting July 1, 2021. A= ll existing orders and quotations will honor the current pricing, regardles= s of this increase. We thank you for your continued support and hope we can=  lower and eliminate this price increase as soon as possible. Feel free to = call or email with any questions.

Best Regards,

Robert van Aerts

Managing Director

Nature’s Green B.V.