NextGen Living Walls has developed to become more and more the perfect vertical green solution for any green enquiries. In this paragraph, we like to mention frequently asked questions about the technique, benefits, options and other topics of NextGen Living Walls. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Where can I get NextGen Living Walls?

If you’re a landscaper, you can order NextGen Living Walls at Nature’s Green in Wijchen, the Netherlands or at one of Nature’s Green dealers. Enquiries from a landscaper out of North America can be handled through Architectural Supplements USA. If you’re an end-user, please contact one of our NextGen Experts.

Which plants can be used for NextGen Living Walls?

NextGen Living Walls have specifically developed for both soil and hydro plants. One of the benefits of hydro plants is the consistency in the pot size and pot colour. It’s always either 13/12 cm or 15/19 cm. And a dark coloured pot. Besides this, hydro plants love water and feel really comfortable in a tray filled with water. Outside Europe it’s sometimes difficult to get hydro plants.
Soil plants are available in many varieties all over. The key is to get the correct pot size that fits the best in the tray. We recommend using pots with a size 12 x 10 for the smallest tray PT-50-1210. Pot size 14 x 14 cm for all medium trays PT-20-1312, Pt-50-1312, PT-75-1312 and PT-100-1312 and large pot sizes of 20 x 20 cm for the biggest tray PT-100-1519.

Which type of plants do you recommend?

On our page Plants you’ll find a summary of plants that are available in both soil and hydro and are suitable for most vertical green solutions. Plant choice depends of course of the preferred design, the local light- and growing circumstances. It’s important that every plant shows full foliage in order to showcase a NextGen Living Walls with full coverage from day 1.

I have beautiful plants but in smaller pots?

In this case we recommend to use Plant Booster to reduce the distance in the tray and avoid the plant sitting too deep in the water.

What is a plant straw?

We recommend to use a plant straw for every installation when it’s with soil plants. Plant straws need to be put in the root ball and connect the root ball with the water reservoir. To be used both indoor- and outdoor.

What is a hydro screen?

Hydro screens are specially made for 13/12 and 15/19 hydro plants. The keep the pebbles sitting in the pot even in the angle the hydro pots are installed in the tray.

Do I need to put any substrate in the trays?

No, you don’t need to. Simply install the original grow pot in the tray without additional substrate like soil or pebbles.

Can we get every size for a NextGen Living Walls?

NextGen Living Walls offer a lot of flexibility with its system. Most flexibility can be reached with the so called “small” trays PT-20-1312, PT-50-1312, PT-75-1312 and PT-100-1312. You can choose any length considering increments of 25 cm. Regarding the height, all trays need to be placed on a special Grid which has several cutting lines. We even have a corner trays that fits the medium trays. Please contact us or one of our dealers and NextGen Experts for precise information and options for your situation.

How do I need to water the trays?

There are several ways to water the trays. It depends of the height of the NextGen Living Wall which irrigation system suits you the best. The principle is easy, every tray contains a certain volume of water which can be found in the models and dimensions. Watering always start from the top to the bottom. Please contact us which irrigation system fits the best.

Can an automatic irrigation system be installed?

Of course and sometimes for large NextGen Living Walls it’s very handy but still affordable. NextGen Living Walls have been installed with height over 7 meter tall in a simple, solid and understandable way. Consult us, dealer or NextGen Expert for any enquiry.

How important is light?

Crucial and probably one of the most underestimated factor. NextGen Living Walls offers LED options not just for sufficient light for any installation but also to showcase your NextGen Living Walls at the best and to get that impressive look. Please also consider the right plant choice for your environment as plants need a certain Candle Light (Lux) level to stay healthy and appealing.

Can NextGen Living Walls be installed at every surface?

The surface needs to be flat in order for a correct installation. NextGen Living Walls can be installed on every kind of surface like masonry, gypsum, wood or aluminium. Important is to install with the correct fasteners and tools.

How to use fertilizer?

Liquid fertilizer is mostly used which can be added at service intervals.

What are the environmental benefits of NextGen Living Walls?

NextGen Living Walls offers many benefits for the wellbeing and happiness of your staff or guests. It’s also a very clean system as no substrate is included. Please look at the benefits.

How deep are the trays?

NextGen Living Walls offers three depths with the trays. The smallest one is the PT-50-1210 wich is only 15 cm deep. The medium trays PT-50-1312, PT-75-1312 and the PT-100-1312 are 20 cm deep. The largest tray PT-100-1519 is 26 cm deep.

Can NextGen Living Walls be installed outdoor?

Yes, we even have the option to use an Outdoor Cover in case the plants need to be fixed in the tray.