Simply manual


Semi-automatic with water machine

Automatic with pump

NextGen Living Walls is developed for water to flow from top to bottom which can be done manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. NextGen Living Walls offers many options for easy watering on an average 4- weeks watering cycle.

Small size NextGen Living Walls
For smaller size NextGen Living Walls you can do this simply manual.

Medium size NextGen Living Walls
For medium size walls, for example there are water machines available that offer good volume of water and good water pressure connected on the right fitting for fast and easy watering.


Large size NextGen Living Walls
When large NextGen Living Walls are requested, NextGen Living Walls can easily be installed with either a water reservoir with a pump, fittings and hoses or direct connected on a water tap and water disposal. Of course complete automatic is also possible but in most cases not needed.

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