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BioMontage is a unique concept to bring the nature into your living room or workplace. 

  • For indoor use.
  • Easy to install.
  • An finite number of design possibilities with natural materials.
  • No maintenance, water or light required.
  • Two-piece frames for quick and easy changes of inserts as often as desired.

Acoustic Moss Panels

Our Reindeer Moss grows abundantly in vast Scandinavian forests and is harvested by hand in a way that ensures perfect renewal of the plant. The moss is preserved naturally and is 100 % biodegradable and is also fire retardant (Fire Resistance Standard EN-13501-01 Class B). Reindeer moss is a very effecient acoustic modulator, making it a perfect biophilic design element in public places and offices.

Available in 3 colors:

New! Vivid Green Pole Moss

Harvested sustainably by hand in the forests of France, and preserved naturally, our Vivid Green Pole Moss presents a three dimensional, natural texture in a distinctive, long lasting color.

New! Deep Green Long Moss

Harvested in a natural, sustainable way in the forests of Turkey and preserved naturally. Long Moss is an elegant, cost-competitive alternative to Flat Moss. Long Moss holds its deep green color very effectively in virtually any interior environment.

See BioMontage specifications.

Substainable Bark Panels

Our sustainable Yellow Poplar tree bark comes from the Appalachian Hardwood Region of the U.S. BioMontage helps prevent the bark from becoming waste. Our bark also has excellent acoustic properties.

New! Upcycled Coconut Tree Bark

BioMontage helps prevent the bark from becoming waste when the Coconut tree can no longer produce its famous fruit. We hand-craft the small pieces into beautifull natural panels.

New! Upcycled Mangium Tree Branches

BioMontage helps prevent the branches of the Mangium Tree become waste. We slice and trim the branches into small tiles, then combine the tiles to create a stunning natural mosaic.

Light Stone Panels

Our Light Stone panels are made from a combination of natural stone and resin, which is lighter and more manageable than raw stone. These naturally attractive panels come in two finishes which complement any interior: Prairie Brown and Mountain Grey finishes.

Building a BioMontage Wall