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BioMontage is our most recent contribution to reconnect human beings with the natural environment from which we evolved. Using lightweight frames that mount easily on walls, and filling the frames with biophilic, natural materials, BioMontage allows for an infinite number of design possibilities, all of which include beautiful, sustainable, natural materials. And because the two-part, Patent Pending frames snap easily on and off, the contents of the frames can be changed as often as desired.

Acoustic Moss Panels

Our acoustic moss panels are made from preserved Reindeer Moss that grows in the Northern European forests. Harvesting is done by hand, with respect for the plant and its surroundings. The moss has very high-end acoustic attenuation properties, helping to capture over 90% of medium and high frequencies (voice frequencies). The panels meet Fire Resistance Standard EN-13501-01 Class B.


See BioMontage specifications.

Substainable Bark Panels

Our bark is from the Yellow Poplar species, originating in the Appalachian Hardwood Region (AHR) in the eastern United States.

Light Stone Panels

Our Light Stone panels are made from a combination of natural stone and resin, allowing them to become lighter and more manageable than raw stone panels would be. We have achieved two very natural looks with our Prairie Brown and Mountain Grey finishes.

Building a BioMontage Wall